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The second approach is to use Service Authentication. With this approach you create credentials and a special "Service Account Email Address" which allows end-users to edit your Fusion Tables without logging in; your service account authenticates all access.

You will probably want to create your own Fusion Tables to experiment with as you are developing your apps. This is as easy as creating a Google document, if you are familiar with that process. Here are the steps:. When you drag the FusiontablesControl component onto the Designer, don't forget to set its ApiKey property, which is initially blank. You should copy this from your Google Developers Console and paste it into the property field.

Installing App Inventor 2 Setup on Windows

You must provide that key as the value for the ApiKey property in your Fusion Tables app. App Inventor will send the query to the Fusion Tables server and the GotResult block will fire when a result is returned from the server. Query results will be returned in CSV format, and can be converted to list format using the "list from csv table" or "list from csv row" blocks.

Note that you do not need to worry about UTF-encoding the query. But you do need to make sure the query follows the syntax described in the reference manual , which means that things like capitalization for names of columns matters, and that single quotes must be used around column names if there are spaces in them. You must make sure the query follows the syntax described in the reference manual.

Note that capitalization for names of columns is necessary and that single quotes must be used around column names if there are spaces in them. TinyDB is a non-visible component that stores data for an app. Apps created with App Inventor are initialized each time they run. This means that if an app sets the value of a variable and the user then quits the app, the value of that variable will not be remembered the next time the app is run.

In contrast, TinyDB is a persistent data store for the app.

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB

The data stored in a TinyDB will be available each time the app is run. An example might be a game that saves the high score and retrieves it each time the game is played. Data items consist of tags and values. To store a data item, you specify the tag it should be stored under.

App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps

The tag must be a text block, giving the data a name. Subsequently, you can retrieve the data that was stored under a given tag. You cannot use the TinyDB to pass data between two different apps on the phone, although you can use the TinyDB to share data between the different screens of a multi-screen app.

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That sharing will disappear once the apps are packaged and installed on the phone. During development you should be careful to clear the Companion app's data each time you start working on a new app. GotText text text Event indicating that the contents from the file have been read. Creates the file if it does not already exist. See the help text under SaveFile for information about where files are written. Delete text fileName Deletes a file from storage.

ReadFrom text fileName Reads text from a file in storage. SaveFile text text, text fileName Saves text to a file. See also How to get a shareble link. I downloaded your zip file about overcoming the limit of 5 mb with Google Drive solution. I tried to change the code with my Google Drive files id but nothing happend. None of my assets didn't download to the "do not delete" folder.

I searched through internet and found that: Everything looks ok now and my files downloaded fine to my phone via Google Drive. Thank you Tasos for this tip! That's an interesting way of doing it.

It looks like when you make the listFilename variable, you have to make a list of every file you want to download. But with a little bit of server logic you can get a list of all filenames in a specific directory on your server, then just use this list instead of hardcoding the list in App Inventor. See below an example php script, which provides a list in csv format of all mp3 and png files of a specific subdirectory passed as parameter to the script.

Thank you Tim!

Your coding says that it will store the assets on the phone in a file on the sd card - what happens if the person downloading the app does not have an sd card in their phone or tablet? In case a device does not have a sd card, this doesn't matter, because in this case the sd card will be emulated: It keeps on downloading any time I start the app.

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Someone may help me to solve this problem?. This is, because there is a bug in the example ; see screenshot, you have to remove the double quotes Developing and maintaining snippets, tutorials and extensions for App Inventor takes a lot of time. That's all.

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