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Keep your brain active! Includes 10 free puzzles. Your favorite Penny Dell Logic Puzzles, now made mobile! Classic magazine puzzles for the true logician and riddle solver No more paper, no more erasing! View a logical hint, erase errors you've found, or take a peek at the full solution just like you would in the magazine Reviewed by Kaylin on March 5, See Details for Logic Problems - Classic!

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OR Install. SMART - a puzzle game for brain training, attention, memory, logic, mind, iq. Develop your cognitive skills the fun way with over different levels full of logic puzzles, memory tests, brain games, and more Gradually increasing difficulty levels mean brain-bending fun for everyone, from children to adults and even as a fun family game night Improve your critical thinking in just minutes a day! Engage your mind in the most brain-teasing puzzles on the go Reviewed by Kaylin on March 5, Free daily quick logic grid puzzle you can solve anywhere, anytime. A fully modern, fast-paced logic problem puzzler, with smart hints, multi-level Undo and Auto-X features Child-friendly for all ages!

Plus enjoy dozens of extras to help improve logic and cognitive skills even more Reviewed by Kaylin on September 26, Work your way through level after level of the Professor's logic puzzle teasers. The most addictive games available to you! Used by millions of people worldwide! Brain training game to improve your attention, accuracy, creative, logic skills. To need so many ads.

Train your brain in just minutes a day! Play various games of logic, memory, coordination, reflexes and more with Skillz How do you measure up?

After each level, see your results ranked between 1 and 5 Stars Sharpen your mind and critical thinking skills with tests and quizzes throughout the games Reviewed by Kaylin on January 25, I mean, really guys. Every 15 to 20 seconds you get a popup ad. Amazing brain stimulation and a great time killer? Increase your IQ and challenge your brain by solving these tricky logic puzzles.

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Traditional river crossing logic puzzles, now made mobile! Train your brain and increase logical thinking skills on the go with IQ-boosting riddles Once you solve the puzzle, try to beat your score and obtain three stars for every level Easy to understand, difficult to solve - but if you get stuck, just watch a brief ad to get a helpful hint Reviewed by Kaylin on March 5, Simple graphics good puzzles. Loved it. Immediately uninstalled. Share to a friend who must get this! How We Chose Best Apps. Broad Search: Our unique algorithm scoured the App Store and Google Play Store by searching logic game , logic games and logic grid puzzles.

From there, we retrieved a total of 1, unique apps Android apps and iOS apps as potential candidates. Filter only high-quality apps: We then selected the highest quality apps from the 1, apps listed. Additional Review by Editorial Team: Finally, our editorial team checks all apps in our best 10 list one by one to make sure these apps are of the highest quality. If you are interested in learning more about our process, find out here. Latest articles in Puzzle Games See All. Puzzle Games Aug 20, 5 min read. Best Games with Undo Option New to the puzzle or just looking for a way to play a mistake-free game?

Puzzle Games Jul 21, 4 min read. Puzzle Games Jul 19, 4 min read. Puzzle Games May 21, 7 min read. All Related Categories See All. Best 10 Sudoku Games Never pick up a paper Sudoku book again! Best 10 Minesweeper Games An old favorite, now accessible at your fingertips! Best 10 Block Puzzle Games Unblock your brain! Best 10 Puzzle Games Everyone's favorite number puzzle game is now at your fingertips. Best 10 Jigsaw Puzzle Games We can satisfy even the most selective of jigsaw puzzle fans with this magnificent assortment of top-rated jigsaw puzzles for adults.

Best 10 Logic Puzzle Games How close are you to being a genius? Best 10 Picture Puzzle Games Enjoy this collection of the best picture puzzle games on the market today. Best 10 15 Puzzle Games Put your mind to good use when you have free time with a variety of 15 puzzle games. Best 10 Picross Puzzle Games Use your skill to reveal the pictures with picross puzzle solvers. Best 10 Number Puzzle Games Test your logic and math skills with number puzzle games. Best 10 Pipe Puzzle Games Tapping pipes has never been more addictive or fun!

Best 10 Puzzle Games puzzle games are a great way to pass the time. Best 10 Escape Puzzle Games Experience a completely new approach to puzzles with great escape puzzle games. Please write 20 characters or more. Report This App. Still undecided? Let us help you. Subscription Successful!

Due to the huge information flow, which we have to pass through ourselves daily, our brain needs a shake periodically. So, we have selected 15 logic game applications , which will be a great additional charging to our brain. Flow Free is a simple puzzle game app which is incredibly addictive. In the game, you need to connect the dots of the same color with lines.

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When connecting make sure that the lines do not intersect. But the thing is that you should connect all the dots on the screen. In the game, there are two modes: Time Trial with the time limit to pass the level and Free Play , respectively, without any time limits.

All in all, Flow Free is a colorful puzzle game that allows you to escape from current problems and, at the same time, make you think. Bright colors, an absence of annoying music, different levels of difficulty will help you to pass the time. Try yourself at solving a puzzle and set your personal record among friends and family! Get it on App Store. Get it on Google Play. Do you like playing sudoku and crossword puzzle?

Would you like to try something new and not so boring? This app offers you many puzzle games which are more entertaining and fun! Each game has its own rules, features, and advantages you can go through a maze, plant trees, solve math tasks, find connectins, build skyscrapers and more other tasks. To solve riddles it is enough to tap on visual images and to type words in a special input panel. Under each picture, there is a block of encrypted clues, which can be activated by pressing on the screen of your device.

For each puzzle done you are awarded gold coins and experience points, which will be useful for opening new levels, as well as buying tips.

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This popular word game has a stylish minimalist graphics and user-friendly interface. All puzzles look austere but very bright. There is no incidental music. The game makes you think logically. The goal of each level is to put shapes of different colors into a highlighted rectangle dragging them on the screen.

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Each level becomes more and more complicated. There are 90 levels. The app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This logic game app has two modes: Words and Numbers. Words mode is more complicated than Numbers one. Although you can try the mode to check how quickly you can solve each task! As for Words mode, it is more exciting and makes you think. You should find words in the puzzle swiping over letters.

There are different levels. They can go in different directions. When you have found a word, you can see its definition in built-in Dictionary. Just click on the word and check its meaning. This is a fun intellectual game for training memory, speed, attention and color perception.

You can play the game with your children and teach them how to distinguish different colors and shades. Your child will learn to think logically using Skillz. The game is also suitable for people of all ages and of different levels and skills. Here as well you can check how good your reaction. In the game, you will find a large variety of fun games, tasks, puzzles. You will be able to score points and advance through the levels. In the game, you can play in multiplayer mode.

You can play as with your friends as with other players. The number of players in each game is from 2 to 4. Besides that you will be able to pump your mental capacity, you just get pleasure from the game. Gear logic puzzle is an addictive puzzle game based on physics. This game will be interesting as for adults as for kids. It is easy and enjoyable. The rules are simple: For this, you have several conventional gears of different sizes. They can be moved and connected with each other.

With their help, you need to transfer the rotation of the green wheel to others. In the game, there are more than levels and new tasks are constantly added.

Deus Ex Go (Android, iOS: $1.99)

It works even without WiFi and Internet connection. You can play offline at any time. There are no time limits. Enjoy the game at any time, anywhere.