3 line cordless phone reviews

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The 10 Best Cordless Phones to have for Home & Office

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Top 3 Best Office Phones Can Buy - Reviews of Office Phones

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Cordless phones

Common Challenges: Ability to connect to your home or office PC and receive calls from Outlook. Expandable up to twelve handsets that can be named to facilitate ease of communication. Handsets have intercoms, speakerphones, and mute options. No hold button on the handset creating the possibility for awkward silences and dead air time. Static noises and poor reception at times affect call quality.

Expandable up to ten handsets with one base. Intercom and call transfer capability between handsets. Alarm clock and schedule reminders with a do not disturb mode. Handsets are prone to interference, often projecting fuzzy static making it difficult to hear parts of conversations. Handsets struggle for reception away from the base set.

Difficult to reach technical support from Uniden. Calls are digitized and encrypted protecting them from eavesdropping. Expandable up to 12 handsets using only one phone jack. Ability to call in from anywhere to check voicemails. Exceptional sound quality.

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Headset does not designate when other lines are in use, you must use the base station. Thirty two-number speed dials and name and number phonebook directory. Compatible with one to four telephone lines. Easy to set up and configure. Hardware has a history of malfunctioning.

When you pick up the phone and select a different line, the first line is automatically put on hold. Issues with reception and call quality. Thirty two-number speed dials and sixteen intercoms. Three party conferencing and speakerphone. Facilitates up to sixteen work stations.

Screen set up and navigation are not intuitive. Call quality varies. Facilitates up to sixteen base stations. Three-party call conferencing and two-way conference recording. Intercom system allows calls to other extensions. Though landline phones can work during a power outage, this model does not have a backup battery that allows the base to transmit calls to the cordless receiver. The VTech handset is on the small side and feels a bit more like a remote than a phone. It features a digital display and backlit buttons, but we noticed that the green backlight on the screen makes it difficult to read the display in some lighting conditions.

We liked the handset and found all the buttons easy to press and intuitively laid out. Compact and unobtrusive base. No answering machine. The Panasonic KX-TGS has more features than any other phone we tested, and though these features require a more involved set-up than others, it can be worth it so you never miss an important call.

Best Cordless Phones - Landlines With Answering Machines

It has all the standard features: It also adds premium functions like talking caller ID, headset jacks on each handset, excellent battery life, backup battery function and call block up to numbers. What sets this phone apart from other cordless phones we reviewed is its cell phone integration. The base of this Panasonic phone also has a USB port so you can charge your mobile phone too. However, this cordless phone is more complicated than other models.

Does My Business Need a Multi-Line Phone System?

For example, most other phones with call blocking features have a dedicated button for that function, but this model requires a code to do the same thing. Cell phone integration. Supports Most Handsets. The cordless phone and answering machine system comes with one handset but can support up to 12, which is more than any other phone we reviewed. Aside from being usefully expandable, the CRL also has great features for people with visual or hearing impairments. It features a large, backlit display and easy-to-read dial buttons. It also includes talking number buttons, four audio profile options, talking caller ID and Audio Assist, which temporarily adjusts the volume to make it easier to hear the other end of the line.

The phone base houses a shiny black panel with the answering machine controls. This part can get dusty and easily collects fingerprints and smudges, but the buttons are all clearly labeled and easy to maneuver. The answering machine holds up to 14 minutes of digital audio, and the phone stores 50 phonebook entries and the last 50 caller ID entries. Large display and buttons. Shiny black parts attract smudges. Best Value Phone and Answering Machine.

Its white and metallic finish gives it a sleek, modern appearance. The two-toned handset is small and lightweight with a medium-sized display and backlit buttons. It features caller ID, speed dial, a phonebook, handset locator, quiet mode, multiple ring styles and several volume levels. The digital answering machine stores up to 14 minutes of audio. You can access messages through the handset or base controls. Modern design.