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Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame Review

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Log in. You are here: But unfortunately, the game Prince of Persia 3D came out unfinished. At this time, it's very difficult to play this game. The main disadvantage of this game is the engine.

The Prince uses multiple blades to slice and dice evil monsters and minions Warrior Within has some great giant bosses on the island. Through clever button combos, you can pull off some great maneuvers, like swinging around an enemy and driving one of your blades into its soft, unguarded neck. The responsive attack buttons are more than adequate and while I am not entirely sure if Gameloft altered the pacing of the enemies, it does feel like efforts were made to keep the bad guys manageable on a device with no physical controls.

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That lack of physical controls, however, is a problem with the platforming. You will die in Warrior Within while trying to pull off gymnastics like leaping from pole to pole, slipping between razor traps, or wall running over an abyss.

Prince of Persia The Shadow and the Flame for iPhone - Download

You will say dreadful, dreadful things as fingers fudge the on-screen buttons. Though the combat and platforming each use virtual controls, I think the real difference between the two is that much of your combat does not require complex movements while manipulating attack buttons. Futzing with multiple movement buttons in high-wire situations, though, invites unfortunate disaster. And because you cannot save at any point — a bizarre choice for an iPhone game, although one that could be remedied with multitasking — you will find yourself replaying some sequences too many times.

As stunning as Warrior Within is on the iPhone, the price is paid in one more area that many annoy you: You may be running along and suddenly Warrior Within freezes as a small red circle in the center of the screen indicates the next area is loading.

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I completely understand why these loads are there, but that does not make them any less frustrating, especially when they occur during an action scene. Warrior Within is a good Prince of Persia game, despite the forced edginess. The time-shifting to both reverse death and solve puzzles is still effective.

Prince of Persia Escape on iOS: Your first PC game is now on mobile

The design of the towers remains excellent. And though the combat does get a hair repetitive, the virtual controls work quite well when the Prince needs to carve a monster with his twin blades.

The jumbled controls result in too many unnecessary deaths.