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Abstraction - Practice your ability to differentiate abstract from concrete words. Divided Attention - Practice your ability to divide your attention and respond rapidly. Face Memory - Memorize a group of faces and then see if you can recall them.

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  • 1. Left vs Right?

Math Star - Practice your basic arithmetic skills, speed, and attention to detail. Memory Flow - Practice your learning and memory and attention to details with visual stimuli. Memory Racer - Practice for your working memory and processing speed. Mental Categories - Practice your processing speed and quick categorization skills.

Mental Flex - Practice your mental flexibility. Grid Memory - Memorize the locations of the tiles that change with increasing numbers of tiles. Self-Ordered Learning - Memorize a sequence of objects using a sequence you determine.

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  • 2. Brain School?

Speed Trivia - Test and improve your knowledge of general trivia and information. Vocabulary Star - Try to improve your vocabulary and spelling skills. Vocabulary Power - Try to improve your vocabulary without time pressure or spelling skills needed. Object Memory - Test and practice your visual memory skills for remembering objects. Word Memory - Memorize 30 words and see if you can recognize them. New translations added.

Minor issues were fixed. Several exciting new games were added including Mental Rotations, Double Memory, and more! Support for several new languages was added. Added multiple languages. Language defaults with your phone language or select in settings. Complete user interface redesign! Enhancements throughout the application. It's ok but it has some flaws. Abstract vs concrete: If thinking of a nun's habit, it can be considered concrete, but it's listed as abstract. Could be considered an emotional action, making it abstract or the musical instrument, which would be concrete.

The game results feedback isn't clear like Lumosity. Lumosity clearly tells you to answer quickly. These games do not. You can complete the entire game, get a perfect score and somehow that's bad. Lumosity helps you challenge and train the skills that matter to you most.

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No matter your age or skill level, Lumosity adapts to your unique strengths and weaknesses. I used to think I was awful at maths but it turns out I am not too shabby after all! Get Started. Log In.

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Our Science. Discover what your mind can do. Improve memory, increase focus, and find calm 1 — with the 1 brain training app. You care about your brain. Developed by a Stockholm-based duo, which dubs itself Apprope , The Synonym Scrambler is useful for building your vocabulary bank and practicing spelling.

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The premise: Users try to build the correct synonym that matches the word shown. Free, with paid Pro versions.

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  • Train your brain: 10 EU-made apps that want to boost your brainpower!
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  • 10 EU-made apps that want to boost your brainpower.

Slovenia-based independent game developer Dawn of Play is behind Twinoo and also offers other puzzle games aiming to keep your brain fit. Featured image credit: About us Jobs Partnerships Contact us.